Model Car Dioramas
Yutaka Nakai Produce

It is the run animation in the dry cell-style power pack.

Wire it at a fixed stage and make a trial of a rail.

The electric wiring is very simple, too

The vehicle which came from a divergence branch line can go around a circumference part.
However,I come back to the branch line direction without pushing forward only going straight from the opposite direction

.I can return a vehicle to a station and the garage without turnout operation by the simple rail placement in this way.

It is enjoy a run leisurely.

A bright night view of the moonlight

The tea house of the country and the imagination scene of the local railroad

Yuta Atelier

4 minutes 52 seconds

The imagination scene of the country-like bar
and save railroad

Kyoto Japan
Yuta Original
Easily changed scene layout is

Maked space earlier so that it is easily changed structure
I fix structure to the board which I put together in the space each as follows

It is a joke signboard at the entrance

The old wooden diesel car is scratch production

HN Diorama Modules

I easily explain a production procedure of changing it

A publication
to the journalism

Empty bottles are scattered

I incorporated dry cell-style power pack.

The railroad name is a Micro Railway Company

A5 size is such a size


⑥I solder each parts

⑤Fixation temporary in a line in a rail

It is run and VTR of changing it

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

Military Dioramas

②I drawing a rail layout line in a layout base

①I bend a rail to a full-size drawing

KISEKAE Layout Change from Japanese to Amwrican

The part of the frame comes off

Japanese scenery

American scenery


Become the switch-on when put a cursor to the image.

It is my favorite name

④I insert a railroad tie in a turnout part

③I adjust a rail

Work Shop
I incorporated power pack, and the model printed it in a bedrock.

1/87 HOe narrow gauge
KISEKAE Micro Layout
Change from Japanese to American

The fixation tipe turnout that is operation-free(I explain it to a retainer)

The last arrival point stops by the diode use automatically

Please put a cursor to the image.

Model Railroad Layout

Become the switch-on when put a cursor to the image.

The state of the power pack

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