Yutaka Nakai Produce
Yuta Atelier
Kyoto Japan
120623                Sold Out
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The sulcular cover which water flows through to the ditch aches plenty

HN Diorama Modules

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

The large cart which I did not use on the back
of the restaurant

The brook where the old wood bridge hangs over

It is combination orbit if I cross the river

A publication
to the journalism

120623 Sachi Station Small Layout

Note The background photograph is stood and taken.

It is a Shinto shrine in the slightly elevated hill

The crops which grew in a field

I watch a production process

Model Car Dioramas

The rest room of the unmanned station, a worshiper are available from ... this place, too

An opening for dipping up night soil and deodorizer


Power pack built-in (dry cell type eight AA use)

Two original single ends (internal combustion car) It is head-tail-lighting[ with a driver ] (one set is only a head )-attached.

A notes car and a figure are production.
It is not contained in a work.

It is YouTube video


Tablet of way guiding and the bridge to a Shinto shrine
It is written down with building in October, 1935

The cigarette butts of the cigarette are scattered
at the bus stop

Work Shop
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Model Railroad Layout


It is SW ON when I put a Control Panel cursor

The bell sticks properly, too

Big offertory box


Whole view of the layout

The layout whole view which I watched from right above

 It is a layout which can enjoy operation alternately with 2 trains.
 The point enabled it to enjoy operation without excessive operation by the thing carried forward only in the direction of a straight line by a stationary type.
 No matter where it might see 360 degrees from, it considered that he could enjoy himself and made.
 Lighting is almost maintenance-free at five places and LED of the dining-room in front of a station, a station building geisha restaurant, 室便所, and two streetlights.

 The run video of an internal combustion car is published at the lowermost part.

It becomes the night view when I put a cursor
Because the streetlight optical axis of the home is in the direct lens concerning an exposure time, I am seen brightly and I am slightly whitish and come out, but, actually, an electric bulb-colored is modest a little more and is actual feeling-like light quantity (feeling same as the left streetlight)

Overlook of the wood bridge

I go to the station through the back of the Shinto shrine

The point of the ditch flows out in the brook

To the sleeve of the bridge in the bus stop

Such a thing occasionally runs, too ;)

Military Dioramas

I watch a production process


An oncoming car is in the station

There is a dining room consigned a station service to at the station square

1/87 HOe narrow gauge Sachi Station Small Layout