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Kyoto Japan

A pillar, the state of the beam.

HN Diorama Modules

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

A publication
to the journalism

120122 Forest Railroad Diorama

The plant expressed the flower realistically.

110122          Soldout  Thank you very much.  
Model Car Dioramas
It is the imagination diorama of the handy forest railroad.

The following placed a photograph producing.

It looks like a stone wall collapsed.


Whole view.
It is the size that is slightly bigger than A4 size.

A stake or the pillar are fitted a brass route with for reinforcement.

Work Shop
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I express the mark with 0.04 millimeters of
seven twist wires.

Model Railroad Layout
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Military Dioramas

During the opening and shutting test of the door

Hinge of the door

I can open and close the door of the engine garage.  If I open the door and send you to the top, I can take it off.  The engine garage does not fix it to the base.

It is the digest YouTube video of the work.
The details place it in the lower part.

A figure before putting tin on the roof.

The bunker fixes drums earlier. It is an assumption to fill up with gas a locomotive with a polycan.

1/87 HOe narrow gauge Forest railroad Diorama

I express panel Bali tension, the kiosk without the lining.

A vehicle and figure skating are direction.
It is not attached to the work.

Work whole view

It is a slightly strange engine garage.
(The building which existed)