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It is one round in this.
It is a small layout,
but is powerful when I look up from the valley.

It is YouTube animation. I click it, and look.

I look up at the charcoal making hut.

Whole view judging from the front.

A charcoal kiln and barn,
The straw bag to put charcoal in is a scratch.

The storeroom does a roof truss properly.
Tin of the roof is tattered.

I go to the backside of the mountain.

Match a glance with a rail and look
at the charcoal making hut direction from a tree bridge.

The bridge of a tree hanging in the small valley.
I express a thick bush this time not a river.

The bridge girder made fixed how to compose with
wire not bolting, too.

110706    Soldout  Thank you very much.
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Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

A publication
to the journalism

110706 Forest Railroad Coalpit Micro Layout

Then look at scenery while going around a layout.

It is the whole view of the microlayout.

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Model Railroad Layout
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Military Dioramas

1/87 HOe narrow gauge 110706ForestRailroad Coalpit Micro Layout

The backside of the mountain.

I look from the front right.
It is a tree bridge hanging in the small valley.

An uncle and a pet dog of the charcoal making.

It is scenery of the imagination
that located a certain charcoal making hut
in the middle of the vicinity of forest railway.

The fire of the charcoal kiln lets it flashes
on and off with a dry cell, and LED drive.

I stood in a hand to be easy to understand size.