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A panorama view (because I put a photograph together, it slips off slightly)

110117    Order
  Thank you for Mr.Y of Aichi

A run video

2minutes 08seconds

The ladder is used to the hook.
I remove it and may lean it.

A small station building belonging to the accommodations.

An old shed.

Military Dioramas

The comment (January 23, 2011) of the visitor
I copy the email which arrived

Various scenes are taken in three-dimensionally without being concerned with a very small layout when I change the real thing and are not tired of seeing it.


I changed an excellent record in the work for the demand of the visitor after completion with Seto Akatsu railroad Konyada Station.

Kyoto Japan

The slope to the station is loaded with Ishigaki. I express a drainage on both sides of the way.

The change in the night view if I have you put a state cursor of the illumination.

Model Car Dioramas
Work Shop
A publication
to the journalism
Model Railroad Layout
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Wooden sand guards and Timber Trestle..

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

HN Diorama Modules
Copyright ©2004, Yutaka Nakai All Rights Reserved.

Seto Akatsu Railroad

1/87 HOe narrow gauge
Seto Akatsu Railroad


It is a railroad of the imagination.
I designed it based on the demand of the visitor and produced it.
The point is hand operation, but I can run a one way run without the point operation, and the storage of engine can enjoy the driving that it is easy in the embodiment of the automatic shutoff.

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The back shows a change for a run in S-curve.