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The view from the station.

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I photograph it with a background photograph.

It is the state of the run

The view from sand guards fence along the line.

Include the wainscot and is made of wood entirely.

I carve with 0.5 such as 0.75 angle one angle, 1.5 angles and produce 0.5 angle structure with squared lumber of the size and the board material of 0.2 chopping fine.

Some internal white walls finish it in a stormy atmosphere.
There is the wicket, but is usually an unmanned station; ...?

100801   Order

Thank you for Mr.S of Chiba.

I see the maintenance of tracks hut direction from the bridge.

The beginning of the station track is simple No thoroughfare for vehicles, but I let you penetrate a bolt and fix it.

The small station is a cut model.

HN Diorama Modules

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Watercolor &Botanical Art

A publication
to the journalism

S Light Railroad Small Layout

I was particular about the base of the telephone pole a little.
Circumference in cement, iron coating finish style.

One part of the boards of the wall is broken and comes off.

It is an enamel signboard on the back.

Is it a cup in a work hut?
Or is it sabotage?

I fix the step in brass line to express a station in one piece of wall.

It is hard to look a little, but arranges a chair, a table, a shelf, a stove or a fire prevention bucket in the maintenance of tracks hut inside.

I arrange a work tool and a tool in a storeroom.

A maintenance of tracks hut

The right side


The left side

The front

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Model Railroad Layout
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Military Dioramas

1/87 HOe narrow gauge S Light Railroad Small Layout
w390×d290×h190mm (The size of the work)
The size of acrylic cases is w400 X d300 X h270mm

The structure inside and a streetlight illumination tip LED use original light.
As for two places of points, an electromotive-type, and Power Pack (separately) is a connector connection method

It is the mini-layout work which it designed for the demand of the visitor that it "will be impossible to do the forest railway which took in the atmosphere of the maintenance of tracks hut along the mountain stream by a layout such as Atelier line Ⅱ or the light railway".

Tree slowpokes are scattered, but do not understand it with the image(>_<)

The Tsumoru Haraki place where includes it

As for orbit comp., a board is set up so that a worker is easy to walk.

A production maintenance of tracks hut on the way

The back thing is a maintenance of tracks hut for the diorama works which had you order it at the same time.

It is slightly different and produces it.

Is it the preparations for loading at the home?
The light of the light is
I heap up the atmosphere of the night view.