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Yuta Atelier
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Kyoto Japan

100620 handy diorama modules look at "The crucian carp fishing and the abolished hut in field Pond"

The roof of the bicycle place does not fix the tin plate which came off like rain.

1/87 HOe narrow gauge Diorama Module 4works
      The unmanned station
     size w454×d154×h128mm

In the station building, a full scratch produces Ueda electric railroad Bessho Line, a Yagisawa station of Nagano in a model.
I do not know it in the unusual building where the upper part of the station building Platt home side moved to what this is, but it is the building which a model wants to become it, and was able to think.
I did the station name with "Misawa Station".

Apron stage of the station building upper part, this of me have got a lot of looks.

The waiting room of the station building

HN Diorama Modules

Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

A publication
to the journalism

1/87 HOe Narroe Gauge Diorama Module

The wooden telephone pole expresses the footrail to rise to the top.

The platform made it made of wood to show an old feeling.

An uncle is ... in the restroom.
The roof does not fix only this building.
As for the faucet and the drainage pipe of the bathroom, I do not see ... expressing either,; but ...

Fuel Japanese cypress of the article for sale, tin of the rain-cover are new articles.
The tin plate is fixed with a rope not to fly.


I was particular about a plant in this series.

Model Car Dioramas
100619 handy diorama modules look at "The maintenance of tracks hut along the mountain stream"

A handy diorama module prints video 100621 which ran a vehicle in a module in
" The Triangle Bridge and sweetfish fishing".


I put up a background photograph.

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