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Is it a forestry office and a meeting place?

Kyoto Japan
100319 Order

I watch a station building from a fire watchtower

Of course I remove it for maintenance in such a type so that the state of the run is seen, and the tunnel is enabled

A maintenance of tracks hut and the worker lodgings

The scenery from the right hand direction

It sent back to the page top

Seeing from a surface of a river, it is such a scenery

The signboard does not seem to fall with a wire (0.04 millimeter)

The firefighting warehouse shows red lights

This bridge where there is the small waterfall in the depths is abolished line

I do not fix the fire watchtower for rail maintenance either

I leave the station and cross the river immediately

A wood depot

Model Car Dioramas

The wood which was hung by a cable

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HN Diorama Modules

It is the video introduction of the layout

I establish the brief repair facilities in the storage of engine

A tank locomotive go up coal station.

A storage tank and a worker hut

A publication
to the journalism
Model Railroad Layouts
Work Shop

Because I photograph it with a hand camera, the video please forgive the point that it is hard to look at slightly

Of the structure illumination is lighting and the run video of the diesel train sequentially

The wood depot that I looked at from the back of the mountain


1/87HOe Narrow Gauge Layout 100319Light railway


It is a saw not chain saw how in the felling ground of the mountain!

Does the worker wait for the ramen of the midnight snack?

The river is a beautiful clear stream

The wood depot that I looked at from the back of the mountain

The back of the mountain already looks autumn

I carry wood with a cable with the wood felling ground of the mountain

A maintenance of tracks hut of the Kawamukai worth

The maintenance of tracks work is performed at night

I cross it through Timber Trestle, the bolt which made a log solidly

The pieces of a deserted house, a tile and the glass which the roof was changed into are scattered

To the shade of the station building the couple of the high school student

I look into an old point switch

A scrap wood place for storage of engine width

A storeroom windowpane of the junk car use is broken

The storage of single line organization

Military Dioramas
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Another Yuta Atelier
Watercolor &Botanical Art

The storage of 2 line organization outskirts


1/87 HOe narrow  100319Light Railway
     size w1500×d800×h450mm
Of total a layout in a bottom, lighting it up with a video introduction carry the run video of lighting / the diesel train sequentially

The intensive operation control (SW type) turntable incorporates automatic changeover continuous tape control in Control Box, and, in the DCC control control system point, as for the automatic turntable drive, LED incorporates a lighting installation in the electromotive-style structure illumination sequentially automatically

A large cart keeps on putting it in the middle of the way!
It is a quiet atmosphere

This place is a forest iron office

Is it this town? A Fujimori store of only stor Rintetsu benefit society stor

I keep on airing the employee lodgings, the laundry standing in the edge of a precipice along the river!

In the top of the track, a protection fence is arranged

A maintenance of tracks hut and the wood depot of mountains

A small station building

The light railway of the person load combined use, loading are prepared for

I am repairing a material place

A diesel train toward the turntable