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You can see the state that I lighted up when I put a cursor to the image.

1/160 N gauge
West River Railroad Timber Trestle

 I incorporate automatic coming and going driving device, and it is lighted up a storehouse in the power pack, the timber trestle

 It is an aerial railroad.

 You see timber trestle in the homepage, and it is slightly slightly bigger size
 In addition, it was hoped for the light up of the theine bar trestle, the installation of the automatic coming and going driving device and produced it.

 I became the N gauge work production after a long absence.

 The acrylic case uses strong 5mm thick.

Whole view from the right direction

091215   Order
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West River Railroad Timber Trestle

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Total overlook.

I assign illumination to a waterfall and photograph it.

Because the depth was made big, the size establishes a fast flowing stream and the waterfall.

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Is an image similar to a previous work, but change the molding of the rock, and is more real; is expressed.

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It is the state that an acrylic case contained.

Because it is run, I remove it for maintenance in the tunnel and do a train in an expression.

In this ... situation, a previous work is similar for the hope of the visitor by fishing in a small boat.

But the angler made it two people and made it a boat with an outboard motor.
Of course there is the fishing line, too.